• 1. Why should I use an Immigration Adviser?

    • The outcome of your case will be the result of a government decision based on complex and ever changing rules. Well intentioned efforts to explain such policies simply, often lead to increased misunderstandings because they are not simple; the words used can have special meanings, not understood by the lay reader. You may think you are well informed; but the chances are you are not.
    • For example, in apparently straightforward, skills-based cases, 30% of all applicants who enter the process because they believe they are qualified are in fact rejected or declined.
    • You cannot afford to trust your future and that of your family to this level of risk.
    • Licensed Immigration advisers and lawyers in New Zealand are required to work under the disciplines of the New Zealand Law Society or the Immigration Advisers Licensing Authority. Provided the adviser you choose is properly qualified and licensed, you have protection against exploitation and a significantly reduced risk of failure.
  • 2. Why choose "MoveToAu.Com Organization"?

    • Dealing with "MoveToAu.Com Organization" brings unique advantages not available elsewhere.

    Real people, real skills.

    • "MoveToAu.Com Organization" is a real organization with deep skills and a physical presence, not an individual with a web-site. We have been here for migrants for 25 years. You can trust us to be here for you today, and tomorrow. We will not let you down.


    • Collectively, our staff bring almost 200 years of specific New Zealand Immigration experience to bear on your case. No one can equal that claim. We truly understand the system in all its complexity.

    Value for money.

    • Our expertise and personal service standards are at the highest level but our costs are not. We believe every migrant deserves access to the best possible service and our mission is to deliver that at an affordable price. 

    Attention to detail.

    • We aim to get it right, first time, every time, with well developed systems that bring all our collective skills and experience to bear on the specifics of your case.

    Plain English communication.

    • While the process itself is complex and while we are skilled individuals, our communications with you are designed to remove the mystery and make your part of the process easy. 

    Enhanced outcomes.

    • Migrants supported by "MoveToAu.Com Organization" enjoy enhanced settlement outcomes; lower stress, higher certainty, better time planning, better preparation, happier results.
  • 3. What will "MoveToAu.Com Organization "service cost?

    • We can’t tell you now but we will after you have asked for an assessment.
    • That answer is not avoiding your question; it identifies one of the ways we provide value for money. By offering a full and free professional assessment right at the beginning, we not only give you certainty of outcome; we also ensure that our quote is relevant to your needs and that your fees are not used to subsidies someone else’s problem. Asking us for an assessment, at no cost or obligation to you, is the only logical way to get an answer to the “how much?” question.

    • But You Must Know our Assessments system Stages: 
    1. Firstly: Free Assessment (No Money To paid) 
    2. Secondly: Paid Assessment (Pay 500 US. Dollar- "non-refundable in all cases")
    3. Thirdly: The Actual migration Processing Actions (No Advance Payment- You will Pay After the termination of all immigration procedures, based on written agreement between us and you)
  • 4. Do I qualify?

    • As with the previous question, we can’t tell you now but we will after we have assessed you.
    • And once again, that is not avoiding your question because each individual brings their own unique circumstances and "MoveToAu.Com Organization" provides personalized service, not a “cookie-cutter” approach. Ask us for an assessment, at no cost or obligation to you at the first assessment, and the “do I qualify?” question will be properly and promptly answered.
  • 5. How long will my application take?

    • An immigration decision can take anything from hours to, literally, years, depending on many factors including; the type of application, where you are located, your nationality, the capacity of Immigration Australia or New Zealand at any given time or in any given branch, and government quotas. We can give you good time estimates at the time we complete your assessment and when you are a client we will keep you informed about timelines throughout the process.
  • 6. Do I need a job before I apply?

    • That will depend on the policy under which you are applying and on our assessment of your eligibility. Some policies do need a job as a prerequisite. Others appear to do so but, depending on how we can assess your points, there may be other alternatives. This is a question that needs to be answered in each specific case after a detailed assessment.
  • 7. Can "MoveToAu.Com Organization" get me a job?

    • "MoveToAu.Com Organization" will give helpful advice and contacts but if you are relying on a third party to “get a job for you” you are heading into danger. There is always someone in the market making promises like this but genuine employers make their own decisions or directly employ an agent to act on their behalf. Most will want to interview applicants. We can direct you to where the opportunities are but when you get your job it will be because you have satisfied your future employer that you are the best for the job and you should not have to pay any third party for that. In fact, paying to get a job is illegal under AU and NZ law.
  • 8. My application has already been declined. Is there anything I can do?

    • If we think the decision to decline was right we will tell you so you don’t waste money fighting an unwinnable case. However if we are of the view that the decision was wrong and there are grounds for an appeal, or reconsideration then we’ll tell you that, too. There are special case avenues that we can explore, so being rejected may not always be the end of the road.
  • 9. Why does "MoveToAu.Com Organization" place so much emphasis on an “Assessment”?

    1. Over 25 years ago our founder, a former Minister of Immigration, "MoveToAu.Com Organization", decided that, given the life changing importance of migration, every intending migrant deserved to know what their real situation was, before they made a commitment, or incurred any costs. That was a radical idea then, and it still is, because it means giving something of considerable value away for free. In the quarter century since, policies have become more complex and assessments more difficult to undertake
    2. At "MoveToAu.Com Organization" we hold firm to our founder’s vision and each assessment is still personal, skilled and undertaken by a professional with consummate care. Partly, this is an old fashioned commitment to service but it also lies at the heart of our modern business philosophy. By completing assessments properly at the beginning, we gain the opportunity to quote you on the basis of your true needs; not by asking you to subsidies the problems of others; and that is one of the strategies we use for producing the value-for-money quotes that grow our business. Also, by completing a sound assessment at the beginning, we identify in advance whether, and how much, specialized advice is going to be needed in your particular case, allowing us to “get it right, first time, every time”; another important tool in our commitment to providing value for money.
    3. As market leaders we can maintain the staffing and expertise levels that have enabled us, over the years, to provide hundreds of thousands of assessments without cost or obligation, but "MoveToAu.Com Organization" “assessment” remains a unique document, of great value to the individual and a cornerstone of our commitment to migrants and of our business method.
  • 10. I don’t know, yet, whether I am going to migrate, or not. Will "MoveToAu.Com Organization" still assess me?

    • Certainly; in fact we encourage you to have an assessment before you make your final decision. That way, your decision can be a real one, followed by an action plan that turns your dreams into reality. Our assessments are undertaken at no cost to you at the first assessment but with complete professionalism, and no expectation on our part that by asking for one you are committing yourself to be our client.
  • 11. Why are there two types of Assessment (Free Assessment + Paid Assessment)?!

    • There two types of Assessment (Free Assessment + Paid Assessment).
    • If you didn't pass the first assessment successfully, you don't need to pay for the second assessment.
    • If you passd the first assessment successfully, you are eligible in principle. So that Do not hesitate to pay for the second assessment.
    Important Notes:
    • Do not pay unless you pass the first assessment.
    • If You Passed The First Assessment Successfully, You Can Make Payment To Complete The Second Assessment. 
    • You must read the terms of payment before doing it.
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